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CVT introduction   |   Working principle

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CVT:Continuously Variable Transmission
The transmission's continuously variable ratio is achieved by means of a variator. The variator consists of two pulleys located opposite to each other and a steel drive belt that loops around the two pulleys like a V-belt.
The variator ratio is transmitted through an intermediate shaft to the differential incorporated into the transmission housing.

The stepless shifting pattern of the transmission provides a very comfortable drive, as well as having full vehicle performance, available at any time.
The advantages of using an automatic transmission of this type are:
- Low engine revolutions at constant speeds.
- Improved emission control/fuel consumption.
- Low noise, vibration and harshness levels.
- Smooth acceleration.
- Flexible driving on mountain roads.
In the figure below the variograms of both a manual or normal stepped automatic transmission and the CVT are compared with each other. With the conventional automatic transmission, a fixed number of ratios (gears) is available. When the transmission performs an upshift, it has to follow the bold or dotted lines of the first image depending of the amount of throttle. With the CVT, the whole range of ratios between the Low and the Overdrive lines is available for shifting as shown in the second image. The shift point of both transmissions is related to the amount of throttle that is applied by the driver. As more throttle is applied, the transmission performs its upshift at a higher engine speed. With the conventional transmission it is clear that the engine speed drops back when shifting to a higher gear. This is not the case with the CVT. The CVT will upshift at a constant engine speed, by moving the pulleys as explained in the next part. However, alternative shifting strategies are also possible. This can help to create a quicker acceptance by new CVT drivers.


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